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The Intelligent way of combining existing technology to transform the world and eliminate greenhouse gases in the haulage industry. 

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Net Zero - target year

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What Is It About?

Climate Stabilisation

Our goal is to help reach the ambition set up in the Paris Agreement. We need to act now to accelerate climate action and limit global warming to below 1.5°C

Renewable Energy

Replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy brings cleaner, safer and more cost-efficient way to power our lives.  We want to be a part of the transition to a fossil free economy.

Change of Transportation

Commercial trucks represent about one third of climate pollution from global transport. We put all our effort to combine the existing technology and change that.  

Making a difference

Every peron can make a difference. Collectively, we must accelerate our efforts to build a more sustainable future. 

We Have the Power to Impact Our Future, and We’re Doing Something About It

Our project viably creates a carbon-negative vehicle well within the government’s target of 2030 at low risk and at low cost to us, by not needing to significantly invest in R&D or brand new technologies. We incorporate best-in-class technology in all areas and manufacture as few as possible technologies through R&D, saving time and cost.   

Our strategy is to not create any new battery technology, power trains, solar, or electric motors, but instead bring the most cutting edge technologies and incorporate them on our HGV trailer design. This project is planned in mind for high manufacturing volumes and a national rollout. Trailers are low cost to produce in comparison to fuel-cell or hydrogen equivalents.

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Great Value

Our ZEV HGV solution is low-cost to manufacture compared to other zero-emission alternatives, such as hydrogen, providing fantastic value-for-money for hauliers, a vehicle with net electricity output over its lifespan.


Time Efficiency

Our Carbon Negative HGV project viably creates a carbon-negative vehicle well within the UK government’s initial target for net-zero of 2030.


Low Risk

We incorporate best-in-class technology in the renewables sector which already proven in the wild, saving on R&D costs and outsourcing.

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“Decarbonizing the global economy is the greatest opportunity for innovation the world has ever seen. Through this partnership, Europe will lay solid ground for a net-zero future in which clean technologies are reliable, available, and affordable for all.”

June 2021 – Bill Gates

Our Top Priorities

We firmly believe that the fight against climate change is fundamental for the future of all of us, and we are commited to transform the haulage industry in order to reduce the amount of emissions polluted into the atmosphere.


Using clean energy for transportation every mile of the journey


Changing the outlook of global warming


Fuel savings for the haulage sector

New jobs

Creating high-skill jobs Internationally people


Road-safe trailers 100% of the time

Make a Change

Renewable Energy 

A massive expansion of clean electricity is essential to giving the world a chance of achieving its net zero goals. In 2021 the world’s renewable energy industry grew at its fastest pace since 1999 last year. And there is no sign of it slowing down. 

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The solutions we need to transform the world’s energy system are at our disposal. Transforming from fossil fuels to green energy is no longer a question of technical feasibility or that renewable energy is too expensive compared to fossil fuels. It’s about having the ambition and will to make the necessary decisions sooner rather than later.


former CEO and President of Ørsted

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